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Anyone who has been using Siri has probably found a million cool things to say to it, and probably just as many answers. Still, Siri can’t do everything. That is, until you hack it. Some clever folks out there have managed to find ways to get Siri to do just about anything they want.

It’s definitely probably not what Apple had in mind. Let’s take a look.


1) Start My Car

This is Siri starting an Acura TL. Here’s a short description of how it works from the video description:

“Here’s proof with my car of using my “Viper Control” plugin with plamoni’s “Siri Proxy” to start and stop my Viper SmartStart enabled vehicle.

The command is sent from Siri to a Viper server, then relayed via cellular connection to the car. The car then broadcasts an update via RF to the key chain remote.”


2) Play me some Nirvana

This dude has set Siri up to control Spotify. He is in the mood for some Nirvana, so he says, “Spotify, play me some Nirvana.” The Siri male’s British voice replies and plays Smells Like Teen Spirit.

3) Set the thermostat to 72 degrees

This is a Siri proxy that the maker of the video wrote. It made it possible for him to have Siri control his thermostat. He can ask for the temperature in the house and ask it to set his thermostat. Watch the video above and be wowed.

4) Siri has full control of this guy’s room

It’s almost scary how much control this guy has given Siri. What if it starts to develop a mind of his own and tries to destroy him? It has control of the curtains, fan and lights. Still, it’s probably a cool way to shut everything down at the end of a long work day.

5) Having Siri Tweet

You can even have Siri tweet for you with the proper hack. That’s what this guy did. He set up Siri so that it would post his tweets and all he has to do is speak them. Not bad.

6) Teaching Siri to Check Grades

We don’t know how difficult this setup is, or if just checking your grades online is easier than doing this. Either way, he got it working. Siri is checking his grades.

7) Siri Controls TV

This proxy allows Siri to control Plex Remote. Whether it’s to watch old episodes of Seinfeld or the latest episode of Mythbusters, Siri’s got you covered.

The Wonderful World of Hacks

It’s always interesting to see users hack software and hardware to do more interesting things. Siri is no exception. What’s even cooler about these Siri hacks is that people are discovering ways to make Siri control just about everything in their homes. That includes the lights, TV, thermostat and more.

We’re sure more and even crazier things will come. Let’s just hope people are careful what they ask Siri for.

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