Accessory Spotter: Holiday CandyShell Case For iPhone 4/4S by Speck

Introducing, the special edition Holiday CandyShell Case from Speck. Flash your holiday spirit with this protective one-piece iPhone 4/4s case featuring the original holiday-themed designs. CandyShell combines a hard shell and soft, rubbery interior whereas the sleek hard outer shell guarantees on protecting against impacts, slips and other mishandling causing permanent damage to your Apple iPhone 4/4S.

To gain user confidence, the case has successfully passed Apple’s recommendation in order to safeguard your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 in a glossy style.

Just in time for Halloween, Speck has rolled out uniqueness as part of the holiday season. Speck has managed to keep the same fantastic design for the limited edition case which made the original Candyshell popular as well as an award winning product.

The interior of the case is perforated in order to ensure that if any dust were to get in the case, it would fall through the holes to avoid scratching your iPhone 4/4S. On the other hand, the front of the case provides a generous lay-on-the-table design, ensuring that your iPhone won’t be scratched, even if you set it face down on any surface.

Getting a sweet hands-on, the bottom of the case features three different cutouts for the 30-pin dock connector, speaker and the primary microphone. Moreover, the cutout if generous enough to comply with just about any third party charge/sync cable, so you won’t be required to take off the case.

Going above, the top of the phone features one cutout for the 3.5mm headphone jack and secondary microphone. Whereas the cutout would accommodate most of the headphones, there might be times that your headphones will not fit if you try to fit in an oversized headphone plug.


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