Accessory Spotter: Marshall Headphones for iOS Devices



Marshall, who guitarists may know as the amp maker, has announced their new headphone line for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These are designed with Apple-certified remotes on the cords. This means that you can use them for playback and volume control.

Here is a short description of the headphones:

 The proprietary chip inside the microphone and remote allows users to smoothly navigate their iPod, iPhone or iPad from the remote located on the FX cord. The Major and Minor feature the same great look and sound you can expect from Marshall, and incorporate vast amounts of the Marshall legacy into every detail.

They will cost you a bit. A lotta bit, actually. Like $140-ish for the set shown above. Some of the earbud type will run as low as $60 though.

You can check them out here.

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