Accessory Spotter: Qmadix Introduces USB Twin Tablet Charging Solution

Los Angeles-based mobile accessory solutions company, Qmadix, announced on the newest addition to its charging solution family – the USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit. Featuring 4.2 amps of power the charging kit provides 20W for on-the-move iPad users who can charge two devices at once while in a mobile environment.

About Qmadix

Qmadix, leading the technology accessory industry for over 20 years with a team of dedicated leaders while committing quality product and innovative solutions has always been the company’s philosophy today. With the new ideas in technology, products and services, Qmadix is on the aim to introduce solutions for the accessory industry by rolling out new custom programs, competitive pricing, quality product and support.

In addition the USB Twin Tablet Charging Hub is made from heat resistant material, rugged polycarbonate while offering an advanced smart circuitry to avoid overheating. Delivering 2.1 amps of power, each port can charge your Apple device simultaneously. The Kit also includes an approved 30-pin connector USB charging-Data Sync cable for iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Greg Keushgerian Executive vice president of sales and marketing, told:

The USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit joins our abundant line of charging solutions, which includes over a dozen models for various mobile devices. We have taken our more than 20 year history in the mobile charging category to develop a solution that we think will be accepted as the premier charging product for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

The USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit is available for an attractive price of $39.99.

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