Accessory Spotter: Wrapsol for iPad


Wrapsol is a different kind of protection for your iPad. It strives to be as minimal as possible, so that it doesn’t get between you and your device.

While it may not be as heavy duty as a full-on case for your Apple device, it’s more of a thin shield that coats your iPad to protect it from scratches and other minor accidents.

It’s almost unnoticeable at a glance, which is nice for those who don’t like the tablet to be covered by a case. Here is a short description:

Wrapsol Original protective film wrap is the strongest, smoothest and the most durable scratch protection system you can get for your iPad — without compromising its design integrity in any way. Wrapsol Original is made from advanced, high strength, transparent and astonishingly thin polyurethane. Using a wet application process, it installs easily and helps prevent everyday scuffs and scratches while preserving screen brilliancy and sensitivity. Its unique matte back texture enhances grip and reduces fingerprints.

You can check it out here at Wrapsol’s website.

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