Apple Update Apple Store App Adds Awesome New Features


The Apple Store app by Apple has a few new features. Again, Apple is blurring the lines between brick and mortar store and online shop.

They are introducing the store pickup service, which was going on in some major cities already, perhaps as a bit of a test market for the function. Now, you can set yourself up to purchase, say an iMac. If you live near two Apple Stores (seriously, San Antonio, TX has two within like 20 minutes of each other) you can check out which store has the model you want in stock. After that, you can place your order and go pick it up at the store with no hassle.



Also cool is the EasyPay. You can purchase “select accessories” from the store very quickly. Perhaps you need a new Magic TrackPad and all the employees are busy. You can pick up the trackpad, open up your Apple Store app and use the EasyPay. The iPhone camera scans the barcode, and you can pay for the item there. Your receipt is stored and you go home without ever actually having to interact with an employee.


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