Apple’s Voice Powered Portable Assistant, Siri, CRACKED!

This post is specially intended for those non-iOS users who probably are jealous after the release of Siri. Guys over at the iPhone design/development house, Applidium, claim to have successfully cracked open Siri to take a look on how it actually works. Whereas the team has successfully cracked Apple‘ voice-powered portable assistant, this actually means that it can be ported to other devices, not only the iPhone 4, but to anything from laptops to Android phones.

As we write on Siri being ported to other devices, in order to make this work, Siri requires a valid iPhone 4S identification string. TechCrunch was the first one to notice on the hack and detailed a breakdown on the process of its working:

1. By connecting Siri to a local router and then dumping data as it came through, they realized that Siri was sending all of its data to a server that we’ll refer to as “Guzzoni”.

2. All trafic sent to Guzzoni was sent through the HTTPS protocol. With the “S” in HTTPS standing for “Secure”, this traffic wasn’t subject to simple packet sniffing. So they had a new idea: make a fake Guzzoni server, and see what came through on the other end.

3. After a good bit of ridiculously clever SSL certificate trickery, they got Siri sending commands to their fake server. With each command comes the “X-Ace-Host” string, which appears to be unique to each iPhone 4S.

4. After figuring out how Apple was compressing (read: not encrypting) the data, Applidium was able to decompress it and parse out a rough sketch of exactly what was being sent (including which audio codec Apple was using), and what Siri expected in return.

With the process done, Applidium attempted to make it work over a laptop running a custom script. To delight you all, the test worked out pretty well.


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