Apple’s Working Hard to Get Those Battery Life Issues Fixed


Apple has been working to get those iOS 5 issues fixed. Some users of the iPhone 4S in particular seem to be having problems with the OS, and they are causing extremely short battery lives.

We took a closer look at the battery life problems and found a few solutions that will help for the short term, you can check those out here.

Either way, Apple has already informed users that battery life may be an issue for some, and they’ve been working to fix it with the next iOS 5 update.

One of the very first things they did was contact users who had expressed concerns with battery life. Not long ago, they were sharing early release versions of the iOS 5 update (iOS 5.0.1 for those keeping track) with many of those users as Apple engineers worked to get more real world results. It’s very cool, and it’s neat to see that they have been doing that.

Website 9to5Mac got in on the action and was invited by Apple to try out the pre-release software. This is in hopes of fixing the bugs that cause the shortened battery life. It’s also reported that Apple Stores have been informed of how to deal with the issue. The solution? Basically telling the customers to wait a few weeks.


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