Awesome Concept: Automatic Volume Control App



This app should be available sometime today (as of the time of this writing, it’s not). It uses the built-in microphone of your iPod touch or iPhone (or Apple headphones) to adjust the listening volume. It’s called AutoVolume.

It bases the volume of of your settings, so you can have a minimum volume and a maximum volume for different noise levels. For instance, you can have it playback quietly when there is little to no ambient noise. This may work for listening in bed or while studying. You can have it raise the volume to a predetermined amount for when you are cruising around in the subway train or bus and there is much more noise around you.

it also has a setting that allows it to do the opposite. This is useful for instance when you are at the office or somewhere where someone may need your attention quickly. Here it is according to the App’s site:

It is also able to instantly lower the music volume when noise is heard (limiter). Making it useful in office or during any kind of activity that requires your sudden attention. More over it responds when you start talking.

It is the most precise Automatic Volume Control system not only for professionals, using the pre-configured profiles.

That’s pretty awesome, and we hope to check it out soon.

(via AutoVolume for iPhone)

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