Black Friday Deals on Macs, iOS Devices and Accessories

 iPod Touch

It’s that time of year again. You know the drill: Have more Turkey than any one person should, stuff yourself with mashed potatoes and rolls. It’s not a bad way to spend the day. Then, that’s when the madness starts. Black Friday almost here. Let’s take a look at some nice Black Friday deals, shall we?


 Best Buy Black Friday Deals

iPad 2

You can pick up an iPad 2 at Best Buy for $45 off. That discount applies to all models, according to the ad.


The iMac is a nice desktop computer. You can pick one up for $150 off. That’s not a bad price, and definitely worth it if you don’t mind the Black Friday crowds.

MacBook Pro

Best Buy is offering $150 off the MacBook Pro on Black Friday. It doesn’t specify, but we are willing to bet that the discount applies to all models.

iPod Touch

This isn’t a huge savings, but it’s something. Don’t forget there are tons of great games for the iPod touch and many of those will run you as low as 99 cents. Which brings us to our next item…

Gift Card

You can also pick up a $100 iTunes gift card (works at the App Store and all the rest of Apple’s online store fronts) for $80. That’s $20 off. Not a bad deal at all. Not bad at all.

Apple TV


Apple TV. Some people prefer other set-top boxes, but Apple TV is nice because it’s simple and inexpensive. It will be $89 on Black Friday, and the nice thing is that you can use it as a great little Netflix box if nothing else.


iGrill Black Friday Deals

iGrill is having a Black Friday deal as well. That’s something cool for shoppers. If you buy the iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer App, you can get a free iGrill Apron Cover (normally $19.99). You can choose between any of the following:

“I Love My Mom’s Cooking,” “World’s Best Chef,” “Kiss the Cook,” or “World’s Best Dad.”

Apron Cover

You can check it out here. Furthermore, they are offering free shipping on all items from November 25th through December 9th.


id America Cases

id America Case

There are also cases from id America. They are offering Black Friday deals from November 23 through December 1. Coupon code BLKFRI20OFF will get shoppers up to 20 percent off on their case purchases from id America.


Gogo Flight Deals 

This one may go under the radar of many of the other Black Friday deal hunters out there, but Gogo is offering package deals for flyers. They are offering flying packages that begin at $14.95.

 Gogo Jetpack

This is their two-pack ($14.95):

Includes two Gogo 24-Hour Passes, redeemable on any Gogo equipped flights between 12.22.11 and 01.03.12. Perfect for holiday sleigh rides at 30,000 feet.

This is their three-pack ($19.95):

Take the reins during holiday travel. The Gogo Holiday 3-Pack includes three Gogo Flight Passes, redeemable on any Gogo equipped flights throughout the season, from 11.19.11 to 01.03.12.

Both of those deals are available here.


Wal-Mart Has a Wii for $99 for Black Friday

Blue Wii

Black Friday also means that Wal-Mart will have a $99 Wii. It’s a great way to get the family gaming. That’s for sure.


BrookStone Tankbot Robots


Maybe these aren’t a Black Friday type thing, but these little robots are still pretty cool. They are $24.99 at Brookstone, and seem like a cool holiday gift. Also, it’s controlled with an iOS device. Extra cool in our book. Brookstone.


Kinect is $99 this Black Friday


This particular ad is for Wal-Mart, but it looks like a lot of places are going to be offering Microsoft’s Kinect for $99. Target has the same deal.


Are You Ready for Black Friday?

Are you ready for the chaos? Whatever your plans are, stay safe and just remember that a discount isn’t worth getting into a fight over. Keep your cool and hope everyone does the same…or shop online like we do.

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