Classic Amplifier For iPhone – Megaphone By en&is

From time-t0-time, we just love to shower our readers with accessories, cases and various other devices which blend perfectly with Apple gadgets. Moving with the atmosphere around, we just heard on the recent release of beautiful speaker design, tagged as Megaphone specially designed for iPhone by en&is

The passive amplifier for iPhone is made of ceramic, with a form designed to boost maximum sound output. The ceramic piece more gives an outlook of an elephant horn. In order to decrease vibration, optimize sound emission and act as a perfect stand, the amplifier is based on a thin wooden frame that allows the object to float off the table.

Rather expensive, priced at $550, the amplifier designed to blend with all iPhone versions as well as the iPod Touch, the Megaphone is the perfect solution for listening to music when quality-time is involved or to manage a call while in a conference room.

The Megaphone by en&is is available in three different colors; Gold, Black and White.

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