Depending On Your Region, Infinity Blade II Is Now Available

Infinity Blade II for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch launches December 1st. That’s tomorrow for us here in the States. However, for some territories, it’s already December 1st. That means that those users can download the game right now.

The game is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine, and is likely to be a contendor for iPhone or iPad game of the year. If anything, in the graphics department, as it has visuals that rival some console games. Still, what made the first game so playable was how easy it was to control on the touchscreen. It used the iPad and iPhone’s buttonless interface in a way that some games still haven’t managed to quite pull off.

This second game expands on that, and makes it even more appealing by giving the player more areas to play through. While the first one could become a bit repetitive after a few plays, this one may have more lasting power and increased strategy.

Check out the video above to see more.

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