Flurry: Mobile Games to Top Traditional Handheld Revenue


Sony Computer Entertainment (makers of the PSP) and Nintendo (Makers of the DS product line) aren’t doing as well as platforms like iOS in terms of revenue, Flurry says.

According to the data, Nintendo and Sony, two major gaming companies that have been trying to top each other in the handheld business for some time now, are seeing some major competition from mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

If accurate (keep in mind that the 2011 number is only an estimate), the mobile platforms are now  generating more revenue than traditional handheld games. The chart above shows revenue growth over the past few years. Based on past growth and data they’ve collected, Flurry says that iOS and Android may make up 58 percent of handheld gaming revenue.

In 2009, mobile games accounted for 19 percent and in 2010 it grew to 34 percent. It could grow, we’ve already seen how popular simple, inexpensive games can become. Still, it’s important to remember that this is still just an estimate. It may be a close estimate, but it isn’t precise.

[Via Flurry]

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