Google Search App for iPad and iPhone Updated


The Google Search app for iPad and iPhone has been updated. It adds a handful of new features (mostly UI updates), many of which are for the iPad.

iPad users can now view search results and sites side-by-side, which allows for viewing a page while looking through search results. Meanwhile those on the iPhone can now browse in full-screen, a nice addition when screen space is limited.

Here are some of the new features included in the new update of the Google app. The info below comes from the official App Store page:


New design for the iPad
✓ See search results and websites side-by-side to browse pages and results
✓ Get to the right answer faster with Instant Previews and Google Instant
✓ See images full-screen with image browsing
✓ New visual UI for search history
✓ Easy access to other Google apps

New for the iPhone
✓ Minor bug fixes
✓ Full-screen mode for search results and pages

Note: Gmail notifications are now part of the new Gmail app.



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