Google Strikes at Apple With Crappy Gmail App for iOS

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Taking a page out of the Apple school of software design, Google has released a (bad) native app for a competitor’s platform. Much like the nightmare that iTunes was for Windows users, Google’s horrendous Gmail client for iOS is causing users to pull out their hair as they scream in anger.

Well, for now, Google has the best Gmail application of the mobile world. Just like Apple has the best version of iTunes. The ending result? People will ignore Gmail on iOS and stick to Gmail on Android.

In all seriousness, though, the app was released today and promptly removed from the App Store, and they said that it has its problems via Twitter, saying “We messed up”

Sometimes, it’s important to maintain focus on a few things you are good at rather than trying to spread too thin. Trust us, that’s not meant to be a harsh criticism. Google has a great search engine, and they have the potential for a great mobile OS. What happens is that their focus tends to become too broad (Google Voice, Google Docs, Google+). You can’t be everybody’s everything, but you if you can be the master at those key few things, you are set.

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