GoPano: A 360° Video Capture Lens With A Custom Designed Case

You know, we have been covering and trying to bring you the very best from the world of micro lens for Apple‘s much successful smartphone, the iPhone. GoPano, for $79.99, has released a lens for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S which enables you to create 360° panoramic videos. All you need to do is to snap the lens to your iPhone 4/4S and tap record, in order to record interactive 360° videos instantly.

While at the concert or at a beach party, with the GoPano micro you can record all the action in 360°. The lens records everything around you simultaneously so you never miss a single action filled moment. Moreover, upload the event instantly and share the video experience with your friends.

As you install the GoPano micro, a custom-designed iPhone case is installed on your phone which includes everything you need to create, share and experience 360° video.

To progress, all you need to do is download the GoPano app from the App Store for free and you have the ability to view and record your surroundings in 360° live, in real time. Once recorded, you have the control to view the clip in any direction you please.

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