Hackers Find Way Around Apple’s In-App Purchases

In App Purchase

In-app purchases can be a great way to help cut piracy. This is because apps that were pirated but had in-app purchases had one extra level of protection.

Someone pirating the app would download it then realize they had to purchase extra content to truly enjoy the experience.

However, it looks like someone has found a way around it. UK developer Mobile Pie says that their £26.99 ($36.46) IAP option in their My Star game saw a piracy rate of 93 percent in October. Pirates used a tool called iAP Cracker to accomplish this.

In an interview with PocketGamer.biz, creative director Will Luton talked about the discovery:

“When I ran the October report from analytics and it showed that we had over a 10 times multiple for revenue month on month, I was ready to stage an intervention…Digging deeper in to our server records, however, we realised that the IAPs were actually spoofed on a jailbroken phone using iAP Cracker.”

Their concern is that this may become a problem as more games are beginning to use IAP as they move to the in-app purchase model.

Furthermore, Luton posted details here. He also compiled a list of apps that are vulnerable so that developers can discover if the cracker works on their app. If you’re a developer, it’s probably a good idea to check in on the list.

[Via the AppSide]

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