Hands-On Review: In-Genius Case Cover For iPhone 4

We’ve noticed a trend in some of the newer iDevice covers and cases we’ve been reviewing: not content to be “just” phone/tablet/media-player protectors, they’re not cutting into the wallet/purse turf, offering enough storage space to carry your cash, credits cards, and/or important documents as well as the slab of modern tech you bought it for in the first place.

Tuff-Luv’s “In-Genius” iPhone 4 case is poised to join those ranks (the £29.99 case is currently on pre-order, with a mid-November debut scheduled).   Made of “Napa” leather (Tuff-Luv’s quotes, not ours – and no, we don’t know what it is, either…) wrapped around a Tuff-Grip molded hard case, the “Genius” part of “In-Genius” is hidden in the cover flap: a quick tug of the pull-tab (the same one that snaps the flap in place) reveals a secret compartment with not one, but two separate credit-card-sized storage slots.  The flap itself is low-profile enough that folding it back to take a call doesn’t leave an awkward clump of casing in your hand; it also won’t interfere with RFID-enabled cards.  One caveat: while the case itself has a port for the iPhone’s camera, taking pictures without the flap getting in the way may be a bit tricky.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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