How is iOS 5.0.1 Working For You? (Update)


(Update: Apple is still looking into it – Link)

iOS 5.0.1 was released yesterday as an update to fix battery issues and add multitouch gestures to the iPad. It had some other bug fixes and tweaks, but those are the two major ones.

We want to ask readers if it helped fixed their battery. Ours is still the same.

Last time, we went through our troubleshooting steps, and were able to narrow it down to the wireless sync. When we have wireless sync enabled, the battery life reduces drastically. Last night we gave it another go. We enabled wireless sync and went to bed with 97 percent battery life.

This morning  we checked our iPhone 4S and it was down to 77 percent. That’s a 20 percent drop, where as before (with wireless sync off) we would see a drop of maybe one to two percent.

Keep in mind, we also have friends who have wireless on with no issues. Our iPhone 4 has seen no significant decrease in battery life.

We figure that the solution, which is always a last resort, may be a clean install. No restoring from a backup, we mean clean install and configuring it just like you would your new iPhone, etc. It sounds like a pain. Let’s hope we can get it to work.

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