How to Access iOS 5 Panorama Without Jailbreak or Developer Access

iPhone camera

Earlier this week we read about how to use developer access to enable the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S to allow panoramic shots in iOS 5. You can see that here.

Here’s yet another way to enable the feature, and it doesn’t involve the previous method or a jailbreak of any kind.

You will need to install iBackupBot before you do anything – Link

Important: We have confirmed that it works with iOS 5.0.1. However, we would like to add that after using it, there is VERY good reason that Apple did not include these features.

1) First, you must back up on iTunes.

2) When you launch iBackupBot you will need to locate the file and double-click on it.

3) Under the field <key>DiskSpaceWasLow</key> <false/> type in <key>EnableFirebreak</key> <true/> and save.

4) Restore to that edited backup.

When you launch your camera app, you will have a Panoramic mode enabled.

[Credit RedmondPie]


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