How to Enable Autocorrect Keyboard in iOS 5



Here’s another simple iPhone hack for iOS 5. This one enables an autocorrect keyboard bar that allows you to fill in words as you type.

This one will require iBackupBot.

Important: We have confirmed that it works with iOS 5.0.1. However, we would like to add that after using it, there is VERY good reason that Apple did not include these features.

1) Backup your iPhone or iPod to iTunes.

2) Launch iBackupBot and find your backup. Load it up.

3) Go to Library/Preferences/com.appple.keyboard.plist and open that file. If your software isn’t registered, you will have to hit ‘Cancel’ and then it should open.

4) Enter the following: <key>KeyboardAutocorrectionLists</key><string>YES</string>

Save that, and restore from that backup.

[Credit 9to5Mac]

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