How To: Export GarageBand iOS Files to Logic Pro

 9 Logic

GarageBand for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows users to import their songs to their computer as a GarageBand for Mac file. This can then be opened in the Mac application or in Logic Express or Logic Pro. Very cool.

The problem is that it may not be immediately apparent how to go about doing that.

It’s actually quite easy. Here’s how:

1) First, you will have your GarageBand Session. Click on the little down arrow to see your song files:

1 GarageBand Session

2) You can now see your song files. Tap on the share icon on the bottom-left corner:

2 Files GarageBand

3) Choose iTunes:

3 Share Song

4) Select GarageBand. When you sync your iPhone to your Mac, it will import the GarageBand file:

4 GarageBand

5) Under Your Apps Tab, you will see the GarageBand icon. From there you can select and save the file onto a folder on your computer:

 5 iTunes

6) We saved it to our desktop. We honestly don’t recommend doing that, but this is just for the sake of the tutorial:

 6 File

7) When you try to open the file, it will default to your Apple DAW (GarageBand, Logic Express or Logic Pro). You may have to update for compatibility:

7 Updates

8) Your file will open in Logic or GarageBand.

9 Logic

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