IconSettings: Jailbreak Without The Need To Jailbreak

On a quick-browse, 90% of my friends were seen using iOS devices after Jailbreak. Just because they couldn’t do things which a Jailbreak had, iOS users were keen on attempting this step. But as we saw the iOS getting better day-by-day, users simply stopped doing that.

Even though various improvements have been rolled in after the iOS 5, the software still ain’t able to perform the functions of SBSettings (the way to control your iPhone’s settings from your home screen). 

Now you can do all that with IconSettings and that too without Jailbreaking.

IconSettings is basically not an app, rather a bookmarklet which can launch specific settings from your iPhone’s Homescreen. All you need to do is tap on the pre-made bookmark on your Homescreen and whenever you tap it, you will be brought straight to the settings you want. It’s one of the quickest methods to changing settings without the need to jump through so many loops.

Simply go to IconSettings on your iOS device: Link

Here’s the url if you need to navigate directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – http://iphoneza.co.za/IconSettings/

1) Scroll down to the settings list. It will have a list of settings that all look like normal weblinks.

2) A message will pop up asking if you want to open the link in settings. Hit cancel.

3) What you should see now is a webpage with the setting in huge, bold letters and text underneath it saying “Add this page to your homescreen, and let the icon load!”

4) So hit the share button and tap on “Add to Homescreen” the icon will be added to your homescreen and you can now access that particular setting on your iPhone. This is useful for accessing functions that are normally a few menus deep.


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