iOS 5.0.1 Now Available – Includes Fixes For Battery Life Issues

Apple has released iOS 5.0.1. The new version of iOS is a much-needed upgrade for those who are suffering short battery life syndrome on their iPhones with iOS 5. Most of the issues seem to be coming from people using the iPhone 4S, but they may just be the more vocal crowd as their iPhone is brand-new.

Either way, you can download the update by simply going to iTunes and connecting your iOS device via USB. Click on your device on the side bar and “Check for Updates.” You will be notified that a new update for iOS exists. Hit okay, and install the update.

Apple delivered quicker than we would have thought. They began troubleshooting a while back and we heard news this week that they were sharing early builds of iOS 5.0.1 with end users to see if it fixed problems.

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