iOS 5 Wi-Fi Problems Illustrate a New Software Dilemma

The iOS 5 has brought a new generation of mobile connectivity to the smart world, but it may be at a cost for some users.

Since the release of the iPhone 4s there have been a slew of complaints, especially around the new SIM card functionality and the iPhone 4s battery life.  This is not the only problem, and this time its not relegated to just the newest iPhone model.  Many users are now indicating that after they update to the iOS 5 they are having trouble with their Wi-Fi connection tools and, in some cases, they are unable to maintain a connection at all.  This has been reported in all devices that have the iOS 5 available to them, but it is seen most common on the iPad.  This may not be because the iPad is more susceptible, but could be because Wi-Fi is often the only source of connectivity for iPad users and the internet is more central for many customers than on the iPod Touch.


The assumption was that these Wi-Fi issues would be curtailed, along with other bugs, with the release of the iOS 5.0.1 update.  There have been some reports hat this has helped things, but it has not eliminated the problem completely.  When some people have gone ahead and downgraded their iOS back to iOS 4.3 they have seen their issues fade away, which means that this new software still has some major kinks to work out.


This could spell a major problem for Apple after some users were already disappointed with the iPhone 4s’s new feature line-up.  The major release for Apple was the iOS 5 with features like iMessage and iCloud, and if proves that this comes with too many issues it could look like a dull year for the company’s innovation.  On the heels of the tragic passing of Steve Jobs this could mean bad news for the company’s fourth quarter profits, and their stock could take another hit.

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