iPad 3: Thinner, Sharper Display

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It’s time for today’s edition of iPad 3 rumors. Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co. wrote a note to investors and said that he believes Sharp has begun production of high-res displays for the iPad 3. If he’s right, production began two weeks ago.

Sharp will also help out with production of the next-gen iPhone, which is the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 (whatever it’s named in the end). Here’s a portion of the report from Misek:

Also, we believe that Apple and Sharp together have  a modified IGZO  (indium, gallium,  zinc) technology to achieve 330 dpi, which is sufficient for an HD display while not using IPS nor having to include dual-bar LED backlighting.  In our view, this should lead to  several design advantages, namely the device can be thinner, battery life should be  longer, and the overall experience for users should be meaningfully improved.

That’s similar to what we’ve heard in the past, and it all sounds much like what we could reasonably expect from the iPad 3. As always, remember that these are just rumors and nothing is real until we see the actual announcement.

[Via Forbes]

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