iPhone 4S: Unlocked for $649

iPhone 4S Unlocked Order

Apple has just begun selling the unlocked iPhone 4S. Of course it’s going to set you back a bit if you want one.

If having an iPhone 4S off-contract sounds enticing, then hit the jump to read up on the prices.

Getting an unlocked iPhone 4S right now costs about $649 for the 16GB model. If you want a 32GB model, you’re looking to pay about $749 and the 64GB iPhone 4S will run you $849.

You can check them out at Apple’s website: here. It’s also worth knowing that all iPhone 4S models are on backorder it seems as they all say that they ship in 1-2 weeks. Well, think of it this way, if you want one, the sooner you order the sooner you get it.

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