iPhone Grows More Popular Than BlackBerry in Enterprise

Smartphones in enterprise

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According to an iPass Survey, the iPhone has surpassed the BlackBerry in the business world.

The survey, conducted on 2,300 workers across 1,100 businesses between September and October, found that 95 percent of mobile workers carry smartphones. That is up from 85 percent in 2010. The iPhone makes up 45 percent of the enterprise market. This was 31 percent in 2010. That’s a 14 percent increase.

As for Android, Google’s mobile platform, it’s gone up from 11.3 percent, to 21.3 percent. This tops Nokia’s  current 7.4 percent by a longshot. This is rather surprising when you consider that just last year Nokia’s platform was topping Android 12.4 percent to 11.3 percent.

Their analysis also shows that the iPhone is expected to continue to lead in enterprise while Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform lag behind.

iPHone 2012 Enterprise


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