iSpy – A Screen Spy Program To Steal Almost Everything

There are times when you feel like replying or typing in a private message, in public,  while on the same hand on not others get a sneak peak on what you type. You might be unaware that anyone can read every letter you type from up to 60 meters away.

A researcher wrote:

We can be in the second floor of a building and read a phone on the ground

Two smart guys from University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, have successfully designed a program, tagged as iSpy, which have the ability to identify text typed on a touchscreen from video footage of the screen or even its reflection in windows or sunglasses.

You might have thought on us reviewing an app which helps users maintain privacy but we thought of going the other way round.

The app can determine the text word-to-word and a video captured from an ordinary mobile phone camera can be used to spy from 3 meters away whereas a digital SLR camera shoot could read a screen up to 60 meters away.

The technique is to actually identify letters on a virtual Android or iPhone keyboard which pop up in larger bubbles when pressed. In return the program would analyse video footage and identify letters based on the bubble effect when users type. A small test has proved on the program correctly identifying letters more than 90 per cent of the time.

Tip: Disable the bubble or magnifying feature on your Android or iPhone. Who knows iSpy is working for someone to steal your passwords and private information.

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