It’s Attention to Detail Like This That Makes iOS Great


iOS is a great mobile operating system. It’s solid, and works efficiently on the hardware it’s designed for. However, much of what’s nice about iOS goes beyond how things work.

Apple always seems to pay close attention to details that might otherwise be easily overlooked. This one for instance, the keyboard on the iPhone 4S:

iPhone 4S Keyboard

See? It has that little microphone for dictation right between the number key and the space bar. Our Android phones won’t allow us to use the microphone either during a call, but it’s little more than simply disabling the function while the button is still there.

However, it’s pretty cool when you realize what they do when it can’t be used, like during a call:

iPhone 4S Keyboard in Call

The number key expands and the microphone disappears, because it can’t be used during a call. Another cool one is when a user is typing quickly, the spacebar expands, hiding the microphone again.

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