iTunes Match Does Not Make Expected October Launch

iTunes Match


iTunes Match, a feature that Apple had planned to launch by the end of October, according to what was said at their iPhone 4S event, seems to have been delayed.

For now, Apple’s website lists it as “Coming Soon.”

iTunes Match has been in testing since late August, but it’s been reported that it still seems to suffer from some bugs. Sometimes it hangs up when scanning a library, or not being able to match files to the music store. That’s more than likely the reason they still haven’t launched it (via AppleInsider). In the end, we’d rather them hold it over until it works than release something that has constant errors.

iTunes Match, for those who haven’t heard of it yet, is a service that will match up to 25k songs at a price of $24.99 per year. It scans your library for tracks you own, even if they are simply ripped from a CD, and match them to the same track on the iTunes music store. This will allow them to re-download their songs on other iOS devices at the decent bit rate. Very nice for those of us who imported our CDs ages ago at low quality back before we knew what the heck we were doing.


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