KickStarter Project: Krona Case

This is the Krona Case for the iPhone. It’s a KickStarter project that needs some help getting off the ground. Their goal is $10,000 and they are almost halfway there.

Here is a description of the case:

Introducing the Imperial Case for iPhone by Krona Cases. Designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, this case provides you with a long-lasting, high quality iPhone case and wallet all in one. It includes three credit card pockets where you can store any combination of money, credit cards, photo IDs, etc. Endless possibilities. After all, many people only require their license, a debit/credit card, and some spending money for their daily needs. The opposite side of the case provides a durable hard-plastic housing for the iPhone.

Check out the webpage here.

And their KickStarter Page: Link

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