Laugh Synth for iPhone and iPad (Review)


 Laugh Synth

Laugh Synth is pretty much what it says it is. It’s an app for iOS devices that generates laugh effects by quickly looping a sound and playing with its pitch and a few other effects. This ends up sounding something like laughter.

I’m not a very funny person, and I don’t laugh at much, so there had to be something here for me if I was going to enjoy this app at all. Before going too far, it’s important to know that the developers of this app also created Songineer and Seline, so they are skilled when it comes to sound design. This is also why the app interested me.

For someone who is somewhat musically-minded, laugh synth is really something like a sampler. You can record a sound into it, and trim the loop points of the waveform to make it into something that sounds very little like the source sound. What’s fun is the manipulation of samples. You can slide your finger around to play with the pitch and the depth of the effects. The thing is, you don’t have to sample in a laugh, you can get any sort of sound you want and set the beginning and end of the waveform.

While you may not be able to make something entirely musical, it’s still a fun app for creating unusual noises and even creepy sounds. There are also a variety of effects such as reverb and chorus. They are simple sliders that can be used to further tinker with the sounds.


Laugh Synth is something that those who enjoy audio manipulation may appreciate. It’s also something that kids will enjoy, because it has the charm of a fart generator, but more to play with.



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