Mark Zuckerberg Talks About Steve Jobs

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talked to 60 Minutes about Steve Jobs’ influence on him. They talk a lot about Facebook’s position in the tech world.

They talk about Facebook’s willingness to stick to one market, and stick to what they are good at (via 9to5Mac). We have learned over the past month or so that whatever their business relationship may have been (we don’t know all that much for sure) Jobs and Zuckerberg had a deep respect for each other. Steve jobs admired Zuckerberg’s ability for “not selling out, for wanting to make a company” and said that there is nobody other than Facebook in social networking.

Steve Jobs also gave Zuck advice. He coached him on building a strong team and how to build a company that’s focused, like Apple. The full interview will air tonight, and it’s interesting to watch the small segment above. Facebook, like Apple, tends to focus on a small range of things that they are good at doing. As for Google, Steve warned Larry Page about the possibility of becoming like Microsoft. In other words, starting to focus on everything rather than a handful of things they are good at.

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