Need An Extra Battery For iPhone 4? Outdoor Juice Pack Plus Is The Solution

Lesser time to charge? Are you a traveler? Looking for extra battery power for your iPhone? Here’s one thing what your backpack should include. Introducing, the Mophie Outdoor Juice Pack Plus which promises to keep your wallet green while providing up to eight extra hours of talk time or seven hours of Internet over 3G.

Keep the travel bug inside your side pocket and travel as far as you can. With Mophie Juice Pack Plus “made for iPhone 4“, have the convenience of a fully protective, fitted case with an extended, built-in rechargeable battery for your iPhone and that too in a lightweight design.

Pair your device with the juice pack app which allows iPhone owners to effectively transform their iPhone into a dedicated GPS device that is able to power its own way through any adventure. Use the track feature to record a detailed map of your progress, speed, distance, elevation and even geo-tagged photos.



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