New Plugin Shows Siri On a Television

Siri may be the most important new element to the iOS among the features that actually change the way you interact with the system.  iMessage and iCloud are both systemic change in the elements that you have access to, but Siri is a fundamentally different way to interact with the device and software.  The question is now how this new iOS 5 feature is going to make its way into the possible expanse of Apple iTechnologies into other fields.

We may already have a look at how Siri may work with an Apple television.


A new plugin for Plex, now being called Siri Proxy, has been released by the software developer Hjalit Jakobsson.  The basic function of this is to use the Siri on your iPhone 4s to then control the television remotely, using your handheld as the vessel for commands.  The assumption is then that this structure may end up being the way that Siri will interact with the eventual Apple TV, which is something many people have been speculating about ever since Steve Jobs made a statement about how they have finally figured out how to create a fully integrated television.


Right now the Siri plugin for Plex is limited in its overall scope for users, but that is almost besides the point.  Instead it is fuel to the Apple television rumor mill about how this new device may build upon the iOS foundation.  So far this has been a mobile platform, and we have yet to see a full operating system centered television dominate the industry, so many use this development as a way of propping up the belief that Apple will fully exploit their popular line of mobile products.  This could then allow those with the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, special features and controls for the television, though it is highly doubtful that they would restrict it solely to those users.  On the other hand, this may just show a way that Siri will work with the television completely free of a mobile device as an intermediary.  Only actual Apple releases will be able to confirm or deny these suspicions, so we will have to wait.

Watch Here to See How the Siri Plugin Works!

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