Report: Apple Originally Wanted to Introduce a 15-inch MacBook Air

MacBook Air 2011 Closed

This report is particularly interesting because we’ve heard rumors of some sort of slim MacBook Pro that somewhat resembles the form-factor of the Air.

Well, now a report is flying around (via 9to5Mac) claiming that Apple actually planned to announce a 15-inch MacBook Air during their October 2010 event. However, Apple only managed to introduce the 11- and 13-inch models. The problem? The hinge wasn’t strong enough to properly hold the larger screen. Apple made the tough decision to cut the product from this MacBook Air cycle and redesign the hinge for that particular laptop.

It’s said that prototypes of the 15-inch Air are still floating around Apple HQ and that the company has been working for some time on the ultra-thin computer. If additional speculation is accurate, they will have Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge processors and may arrive early 2012.

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