Report: Apple to Revamp iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and iMac



Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Apple plans on updating the designs for the next generation of their computers and iOS devices. According to website Digitimes, Apple plans to give a handful of their products an overhaul.

If true, they will be finalizing order volumes for key components for the iPad 3 in December. Also likely to be given an update are the next-gen iPhone and iMac. Where have we heard that one before?

Here’s a portion of the report from Digitimes:

Apple plans to completely overhaul its product lineups, including iPad, iMac, iPhone and MacBook Air, in 2012 and is expected to finalize order volumes for key parts and components for the next-generation iPad in December, according to sources in the upstream supply chain.

Perhaps Apple plans on updating the design of all these devices. Still, if there is anything worth taking home after all the reports we’ve heard over that last year, it’s that you can never be too sure. Remember all the talk of the ‘iPhone 5′ and the larger Home Button and the teardrop design? How about NFC or an iPad and iPhone with no Home Button?

We’re not trying to say we don’t believe in the possibility of the devices getting some cosmetic upgrades/changes, but it’s important not to jump the gun and expect a brand-spankin’ new iMac or MacBook Air or whatever is on Jony Ive’s workbench right now.


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