Rumor: Apple Looking into New Backlight for iPad 3?

iPad 2 Side Shot

According to DigiTimes, which has close connections to various component suppliers for iOS devices, says that the iPad 3 may have a new backlight solution.

Here’s a portion of the report:

With the next-generation iPads expected to adopt LCD panels with resolutions higher than 2048 by 1536, the current single LED light bar designed for the iPad 2 has to be modify in order to maintain or strengthen the brightness of the panels, the sources explained.

There is also word that they may use one bar with dual LED chips, or even two LED light bars. This, of course, would make the screen brighter and they say that it may solve heat dissipation issues as well as battery consumption that could become a problem with dual light bar design.

We can see this being the case, but it’s always important not to put too much thought into something like this. It’s strictly rumor and we suggest that no one gets too concerned/excited, etc.

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