Signs of the Post-PC Era? Genius Bar Dropping Macs, Going iPad

 Apple Genius Bar

The Apple Genius Bar. It’s a place where you can go up to a dude who knows his Macs. You can ask questions and get troubleshooting advice from folks who are 99 percent of the time good at what they do. Normally, they work on a MacBook Pro. That may be changing, according to one rumor. They will be switching to iPad.

Post PC?

Reports say that Apple is planning to abandon the MacBook Pros at the Genius Bar and install iPads. These will be equipped with an App similar to what is currently loaded into the MacBook Pro. This means that Apple Store Geniuses can check if your device is under warranty, see what kind of repairs or parts the device may need and so on. In other words, it’s how they help you fix your out of service Mac.


Shorter Waits

The idea, according to website 9to5Mac is to speed things up at the Genius Bar and make things easier for everyone. For instance, rather than be tied to the the bar, the employee is free to move around the store with their iPad. This will help them tend to customers better while freeing up space at the Genius Bar for problems that may require more attention.


More Space for Helping People

It’s also designed to improve things by giving more Geniuses iPads. Currently, there are only so many MacBook Pros that fit at the Genius Bar, due to their size. iPads, on the other hand, are much smaller, allowing for the bar to house more of the devices.


Apple’s Emphasis on iOS

Lately, Apple has been placing a strong emphasis on iOS and iOS devices. It’s making its way into their stores, not only on the shelves, but as part of how they operate. It will be interesting to see how things change over the next few years as Apple continues to increase the importance of their iOS devices.

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