Siri Outage: Is Siri Down? (Update)


Update: Seems like things have returned to normal.

It seems that Siri is down. Accoridng to some of the tweets we’ve been reading (as well as our own experience), people aren’t having much luck with the service right now.

Here are some tweets from other Siri users:

davidfine David Fine
Siri is not working well for me right now. Can’t even process this simple request. Servers must be down for
gbailey Gerald Bailey
Wow, is Siri down? I keep getting the message that it cannot connect to the network. Reboot didn’t help either.
bigrich0272 Verified Account^
Is siri down for every one
Spoole2 Steven Poole
Siri is down again #iPhone
We will update as more information comes in. Please leave some comments and let us know what you are experiencing.

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