Spar Zephyr: Ultra-Portable Speakers With Ability To Charge, Play and Call

Surely some tough competition we witness, when we talk on portable yet powerful speakers. Finding the perfect one with the right combination of features might make things hot but according to Spar they might have developed one of the best portable speaker which clearly gives a shout to the Jawbone JAMBOX.

Here’s the shout:

World’s most talented speaker

Compare both and we await your opinion on both.

Spar Zephyr gives 12 hours of playback on a single charge, ability to play tunes via Bluetooth or simply use the whole thing as a big speakerphone. In addition, Spar brings you not just one model but three different kinds. The Zephyr 300, the Zephyr 500 and the Zephyr 550. So what’s so special about all this speaker? Apart from delivering quality sound, the ZEPHYR has the ability to take your calls as well as having the power to recharge your device.

CEO Osborne told:

The inaugural SPAR product line is designed to complement the myriad of portable mobile devices on the market. From tablets to smartphones, these devices have remarkable visual functionality, but generally come with poor sound quality and often run out of battery power mid-day. The ZEPHYR line solves these issues, consolidating the portable speaker/speakerphone and cell phone charger into one unit. The ZEPHYR really is the perfect companion product for a mobile phone or tablet.

The ultra-portable ZEPHYR 300 is much perfect in size to fit in your pocket, offering more than 12 hours of playtime and comes in three different colors, including red, blue and black.

The ZEPHYR 500 model is sized to fit your purse or bag and is made available in both black and white, while on the same hand boosting an amazing 18 hours of wire-free operation.

Lastly, we have the high-end ZEPHYR 550 model which is encase in aircraft grade anodized aluminum whereas availabe in silver and black colors only, while on the same hand promising a battery life of 28 hours.

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