Stanford Offers Free iOS App Development Course Content

Stanford has always had a history of utilizing Apple properties as a way of opening up their course curriculum, but now they are directing it back at Apple.


The School of Engineering at Stanford University has now put together a course in app development for the iOS, and it’s coming free with use of iTunes U.  The course, called iPad and iPhone Application Development (CS 193P) is offered to bring a relatively simple look at app development for people emerging as professionals.  This is a common element to be included in a variety of University disciplines because of its new necessity in almost every market and not just relegated to computer science and software majors.


Since Stanford has always utilized iTunes U to give much of their course content out to students and, by proxy, everyone with iTunes, the content from CS 193P is available to the masses.  The class has eleven video segments that exist as the lecture series for the class, and a whole lesson plan associated with it.  The class itself is one that is remaining completely flexible and the newest incarnation is really built on the advantages and features of the iOS 5 update.


The class is not, however, accessible to anyone who has picked up an iPhone.  The course lists itself as requiring an understanding the C language to a point, UNIX or Linux experience, and some understanding of object-oriented programming.  For people who has a small background in programming and software development this will be an important addition and a great tool, especially since these simple software skills are fast becoming the necessity in almost every computer related field.

Learn More at the Course’s iTunes U Page

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