The Rumor is Reborn: NFC-Enabled iPhone Coming 2012


Maybe if we keep wishing hard enough, or if we keep hearing the rumor until it’s true, it will happen. This one is about the NFC-enabled (near-field communication) iPhone. According to recent rumors, it’s on schedule for a 2012 release, which would likely make it the iPhone 6 (or whatever Apple decides to name it).

NFC on the iPhone has been rumored for a while, and was expected to arrive with what is now the current-gen iPhone. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Will it be something Apple adds in the future? That’s hard to say.

The news comes from Digitimes, which tends to report a lot on iOS devices thanks to their relationship with sources at component suppliers.

Here’s what they said in their report:

“As Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Bada have supported NFC (near field communication) functions and Microsoft and Apple plan to make Windows Phone and iOS support NFC in 2012, the proportion of NFC-enabled smartphones will quickly increase from less than 10% currently to over 50% in two to three years, according to Taiwan-based smartphone makers.”

That’s not saying a whole lot yet. It’s hard to know what to make of that. Still, expect more news to come pouring in as time passes. iOS device rumors never seem to slow down.

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