This iPhone 4 Just Combusted After a Plane Landing


The iPhone 4 above just started smoking and glowing after a plane landing before it self-combusted. Luckily, it seems like everyone involved is okay, and it seems that it was just some weird freak accident, though that’s still being investigated.

Apparently, the plane landed, and the iPhone 4 started acting kind of strange, you know, getting all smokey and stuff. Here’s a portion of a press released from the Australian airline Regional Express, explaining what happened (via MacRumors):

“Regional Express (Rex) flight ZL319 operating from Lismore to Sydney today had an occurrence after landing, when a passenger’s mobile phone started emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow.

In accordance with company standard safety procedures, the Flight Attendant carried out recovery actions immediately and the red glow was extinguished successfully.”

There aren’t many more details. According to reports, it remains unknown whether or not the passenger was trying to use the handset or if anything else was going on. Either way, that iPhone is now in the hands of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, as they investigate.

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