Tools and How Tos For Hacking iPhone Without Jailbreak

iOS 5

There are certain hacks and tricks that can be pulled of on the iPhone without the need for a jailbreak. Tools are available around the internet, so we’re going to show you some of the tools we’ve encountered along with some of the guides that will help you use your iPhone in interesting ways without the need to jailbreak.



iExplorer (formerly iPhone explorer) – Link

This tool was designed to give you disc access to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It allows you to connect to your computer via USB (the computer doesn’t have to be the one tied to your iOS device, by the way) and open it up as a mounted disc.

How to Use iExplorer to Recover Files

This will help you grab a file off your iPhone if you don’t happen to have your computer around. For instance, say you have a song file on your iTunes playlist, and you need to open it on another computer. This will let you import that audio file to the computer.



How to Back Up Game Files With iExplorer

You can also back up and transfer game saves with iExplorer. This is nice if you want to transfer your Angry Birds progress from the iPhone to the iPad or to iPod touch, etc.



iBackupBot here

This allows you to manage and modify backup files on your computer. Many hacks involve editing a backup file and restoring from that backup to let your iPhone do some new tricks.


Enable Panoramic Photos in iOS 5

This will allow you to take panoramic shots with your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (the iPad 2 works as well, just as long as your device has a camera and gyro). It’s pretty easy to do, but be warned of two things: It’s kind of time consuming, because you have to back up your iPhone, modify the backup and then restore from that backup. 2) When you use it, you will see that there is good reason Apple didn’t think it was ready for prime time.


Enable Keyboard Correction Bar

This will give you an autocorrect bar. When you are typing in a word, you will see autocomplete words above your keyboard, and you can use those rather than type out the whole word. Like the panoramic camera, it can be time consuming, and you will know if you try it why it’s not in the final release.


More Tricks and Hacks? 

There is plenty out there, and much of it probably just hasn’t been discovered. Heck, we’re not entirely sure how some of this stuff was found. Either way, let us know if you run into any interesting tricks or hacks that don’t require a jailbreak.

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