What is the iPhone 5,1? iPad 3,3?


Some developers diving deep into some iOS 5.1 code have made a new discovery. It’s the first real mention of an iPhone 5 in some way shape or form.

If you look at the list of devices in the image above, you will see several iPhone models. On it is the iPhone 4,1 the iPhone 4,2 and the iPhone 5,1, as well as a few others. Based on 9to5Mac’s report, the numbers also signify major revisions. For instance the first-gen iPhone was listed internally as the iPhone 1,1. The iPhone 3G was listed as the iPhone 1,2 because it didn’t feature a huge internal upgrade. Rather, it was just the addition of GPS and 3G. A jump from the iPhone 4,2 to the iPhone 5,1 may suggest a major revision.

It’s hard to say at this point, and much of it is rumors and speculation fueled by excitement for Apple’s next handset (hey, didn’t the iPhone 4S just release like last month?).

Also worth noting is the iPad 3,3 listing. We can figure that the iPad 2,3 is the original iPad. The iPad 3,2 must be the iPad 2. The iPad 3,3 must be a reference to a newer iPad that’s in the works. At least that’s what reports say. If those reports are accurate, this, as with the iPhone, means that it’s only a minor revision. Will the iPad 3 be a minor update to the iPad 2?


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