Will Apple Ever Update the Mac Pro?



Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro in over a year. This has caused some to speculate over whether or not the folks over in Cupertino will ever update the computer again, or if it will go the way of the white Mac Book. We don’t want to speculate too much, but we want to know what others think.

Could Apple get away with ditching the Mac Pro line?

Based on what we’ve read, a high end iMac can top out a Mac Pro. However, that only becomes the case if you truly pimp out your iMac and add some made to order components. Still, it’s a nice option, and in the end it costs roughly what a Mac Pro costs, maybe a bit less.  It’s also worth noting that when you buy an iMac, you are pretty much getting everything you need. The Mac Pro would still require you to buy a display.



Mac Pro, or any pro-level Mac such as the PowerMac has always been thought of as the true professional tool. Those high-end graphics, video or music folks always seem to have a Mac Pro next to their desk. Is something like the iMac ideal for their use?

Initially, I’d say yes. The problem becomes the upgrades. One of the standout features of the Mac Pro line was always the fact that they are so easy to upgrade on the user end. This is because Apple makes the side-panel easily removable. It’s just a simple release latch and before you know it, you’re inside your computer switching out components.

This has always been a highlight of the computer, and it helps make it a bit future proof. Swapping out components can increase the lifespan and the usefulness of a computer for years to come.


The iMac’s Major Weakness

For most pro level users, the fact that the iMac is not easily user-serviceable is a major drawback. For instance, you can’t just pop off a panel and swap a hard drive or RAM. Doing something like that usually requires a few tools and some time spent on iFixit.


Will Apple Discontinue the Mac Pro

Keep in mind, please, that the reports of Apple wanting to kill off the Mac Pro are just rumors. We’re sure there are plenty of factors that go into whether or not Apple will continue to sell the computer. Not much sense in worrying about it, because we have no real control over what happens on that end. Still, we must ask, how do you pro users feel about going with a high-end iMac?




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