Your iPad 3 and iPhone 5 Rumors of the Day

iPad 2 Side Shot

According to this most recent rumor, Apple is planning on releasing 4G-capable iPads and iPhones next year.

You didn’t expect there not to be some kind of rumors, news or speculation relating to a future version of the iPad or iPhone, did you?

This time the rumor comes from Japan-based blog Macotakara, which cites a report from Nikkei Business (via 9to5Mac). That obviously doesn’t make it true, but Nikkei is a tad more reliable than some obscure, random blog citing inside sources.

The report says that the LTE iPad 3 is due to hit Japan by summer 2012, and the next iPhone should be available by fall of the same year. This would, if anything, put it in line for a release on schedule with past models of each device. At this point, it’s not about confirming whether or not there will be a a new iPad and iPhone, just look at Apple’s release history. However, whether they will be LTE isn’t known. Still, it’s logical at this point as more carriers and competitors are going 4G. A move like this would make sense, and probably be better next year than say, two years from now.

Still, rumor is rumor, and until we have any hard facts all we can do is label it as a possibility.

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