5 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year

It’s insane when you stop and think about that fact that the phones we carry now are more powerful than the computers we were using just a few, short years ago. My iPhone blows the desktop I had in 2001 out of the water, and one can argue that it does a lot more for less at this point. My smartphone has become a way to keep track of and make good on my New Year’s resolutions.

Whether your plan is to be more fit, lose weight or quit smoking, your smartphone can help you stay on track. For instance, setting your device’s calendar to remind you to jog every weekday at 7pm.

Let’s take a look at a few iPhone apps that can help you keep that New Year’s resolution.

Lose It! – Lose It! is a free app that is geared at helping the user lose weight. That’s probably everyone’s number one resolution for the new year, so it’s only natural that many of the apps we look at will focus on weight loss or fitness.


Nike Training Club – Nike Training Club is like a personal trainer in your iPhone. The App is free, so it’s worth checking out for anyone who is working on getting back into shape for 2012.



Livestrong – My Quit Coach – Maybe you want to quit smoking this year. I’ve been told that can be pretty hard. Either way, there are apps out there that may help. My Quit Coach is one of them. It’s designed to, well, help you quit smoking.


Fitness Builder – Here is another fitness app, but this one seems to focus more on building muscle than slimming down. Another good one (and probably something I should work on myself).


Walkmeter –  Maybe you aren’t looking for a workout, but just to whip yourself into shape. That’s great, too. A start is a daily walk. Why not measure your daily walks and see how well you are progressing over time? Set new goals each week and go from there. That’s what you can do with this app, Walkmeter.

Good Luck

That’s five nice apps that will help you meet your expectations. Of course you also have to be motivated. It’s going to take some time and a lot of dedication, so don’t get discouraged. Get yourself out there and start working on improving yourself.

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